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For us, Sir David Attenborough said it best in 1993; “Antarctica remains a remote, lonely and desolate continent. A place where it’s possible to see the splendours and immensities of the natural world at its most dramatic and, what’s more, witness them almost exactly as they were, long, long before human beings ever arrived on the surface of this planet. Long may it remain so” Continue reading Antarctica


Istanbul. Paradise enough.

Istanbul, formerly known as Constantinople and before that Bizantium, remains to me, the very epitome of ‘centre of the world’. For centuries a cultural, political and social hub of  global trade and knowledge. It is my all time favourite city. Continue reading Istanbul. Paradise enough.

Last month in South America

Uruguay is a small country, nestled/squeezed between the behemoths of Argentina and Brazil, on the banks the worlds largest river (River Plate). Arguably, it has a low profile globally, so our walking-tour guide shared these fun facts.. 1) 3 million people are living in Uruguay, alongside 14 million cows. Uruguayans are the highest consumers of beef, per capita, in the world. 2) The first football … Continue reading Last month in South America

Patagonia; some (short) hiking

We now enter a new phase of our adventures.  Previously a sedate, hop-scotch across a small section of North America.  Stay a month, feel at home, then move.  Repeat.  That rhythm will start again in early 2018, but for November and December, there are a number of shorter, slightly more adventurous targets.  First was Easter Island.  Now we go south to Patagonia I always associated … Continue reading Patagonia; some (short) hiking