Insatiable desire for a pick-up truck with tow bar

Mrs K and I have been long-term admirers of Canadian culture. It’s one of the many reasons this lifestyle change started in Vancouver. In broad strokes, we like their appreciation of the outdoors (unsurprising given their landscapes!), but mostly our shared belief in the Prime minister’s mantra of ‘strength through diversity’ which itself seems to talk to and emboldens the Canadian liberal majority.

I see some personal changes in my own outlook and some alignment to this north-american culture. For instance, I sit here in a hoodie and baseball cap, drinking a grande-double-shot-latte, trying not to consider an F150 Truck as a viable rental for our next adventures. I’m sure I look ridiculous; but not sure if this is a transitory immersion in the local culture, or that it is so serious and long-lasting that my v-necks and oxford button-down shirts will be consigned to the charity shop rail. Updates to come..

It is our last two weeks in Vancouver before we migrate across to Vancouver Island. The Island is not a small place. Hanging off the mainland I’m told, by Google, it has the same land area as the Netherlands. Our next place is on the near-side, a serene, remote, farm-house on 42acres. Mrs K and I plan to use the time to read, and ‘brainstorm’ ideas for the future.

Our rental car is ready on Monday, so we are going to spend the next two weeks exploring the neighbourhoods with a stretch up to Whistler.

But last week was all about the city. We have found a region near the, coincidentally named, ‘English Beach’. It’s got everything we like. Sea, passing ships, mountains in the distance, a bohemian feel, and a great high street with pleasant coffee / restaurant establishments. So we spent a couple of days there.

We also tried a few random things. This whole new life is to build some headspace, see and try new things. Baby steps, toes in water have started. We tried roller-blades. This lasted 2minutes and included two rapid deacceleration events with a (the same) tree. But there were two successes. Sketching and Sword-Fighting. To the first, Mrs K is an amazing artist. So I get to visit galleries and art-stores on a frequent basis. She’s been stocking up on ‘stuff’ to create some new works in our next place. So I decided to try my hand at pencil sketching buying a pad, a pencil and a sharpener. I’ve found myself wanting to sit down, and take-down elements of the view on a daily basis. I’m terrible, but I do find it cathartic.

The other was sword-fighting which was just one of those walk-by moments. We came across the Academie Duello: a school, taking the learnings of 15th-century Italian duelling masters and applying them to this unusual but highly accessible hobby. Had a 90min lesson. Brilliant fun.

Quick note here on our Instagram. We’ve been taking short (15-30sec) static-frame videos each day of a view, or something, we like. Find us on “”. These are available right at the bottom of the page if you’re interested.

Have a good week ‘ya’all’


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