We loved Vancouver; then we left

It’s the beginning of the second month of a new lifestyle, and we think that there will be a natural pattern to our adventures as we continue. Each month a new home. So for each month, we guess the following sequence; week 1 is ‘where is everything??’, 2 is ‘visiting & exploring’, 3 is ‘feeling at home’, and 4 is ‘OK, so what’s next?’. It seemed to play out as such in Vancouver for the 1st.

So for the last week explored our new favourite spots both in downtown and on the north shore. For instance, Yaletown is a lively place for an evening out, and we enjoyed the walks around the bays every day. We also spent more time on the north shore, being more local. The views back over the water to downtown were spectacular..

But I sit here writing this in our new home in Saanitchon, on Vancouver Island. A distinct experience. Saanitchon is a small town, well served, but has a feeling of distance from the nearby city of Victoria. We shall explore Victoria later this week. It is the capital of British Columbia and tourist hot-spot. We visited the local tourist centre and took a bag full of information. Few ideas are walking tours, kayaking, and to participate in Canada’s upcoming birthday concerts/celebrations (150 years next week). Vancouver Island itself is substantial, being the rough size of Holland, so we shall explore this southern tip before our next port of call further up the northern coast.

Our home is a modern apartment in a farmhouse with a lovely balcony overlooking spectacular arable land, a lake, and the nearby bay. Given the relative remoteness, we’ve also noticed an uptick in wildlife sightings. The area is popular with birds especially, and we’ve watched a couple of deer in the evening. The balcony is too hot currently during the day, but I’m trying to persuade Mrs K to let me loose on the BBQ when the temperatures reduce.

Driving is a breeze on the slow wide lanes, so we’ve taken a couple of local drives already. The coast is within easy reach and there a variety of hikes with great views (we expect). We’ve found some pretty secluded beaches nearby, and there is a coastal walk with views south to the US islands, so we shall return there. So lots to explore and look forward to. But now I’m told I need to do the hoovering.


5 thoughts on “We loved Vancouver; then we left

  1. one thing about Victoria, parking can be a problem so be prepared.. it is beautiful though. try to visit the Butchart Gardens, hot tourist spot but worth the visit. And if you drive west past Sooke you will find beautiful beaches at French Beach and Sandcut Beach just before Jordan River.

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  2. Fascinated by this month to month thing you have going on–sounds like quite the life and a great way to really experience a lot of different places–not just see them, but really know them a little.
    PS-I feel very sad, like I may have missed Istanbul. I don’t know one person who has been there that doesn’t say it is the most amazing place. I hope situations in the area improve in my lifetime. Always hopeful. Great post, thanks!


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