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We prefer city life.. we think..

Saanichton, Vancouver Island was our last month’s stay.   Our home away from home was a new build farm-house.  The upper-level suite was an Airbnb and ours for most of July.  We genuinely loved it.  Views onto farmland, deer walking through the barley, no-one around.  Saanichton itself was a quiet, well-appointed town.  We were about 2km west.  A bit too far to walk regularly for chores, so we relied very much on the car, which was the only downside.  In our initial batch of bookings, we’d already decided on a move up the northern coast to Campbell River, to be more central.  On the day of the move, we were a little apprehensive, if I’m honest, that we’d miss the idyllic peace, the lack of people (yes.. terrible, I know..) and a more sedate lifestyle.

We were wrong.  We felt a significant sense of relief when we arrived as it became abundantly clear we were within walking access to shops, gym, library, coffee-houses, etc. , and a slightly livelier town.  Campbell River is well known, I think mainly for Canadian ‘staycation ers’ for water-sports, wild-life, and hiking which means there’s a holiday vibe here and most of what you’d ever need is well established.  It’s great weather too.

There’s a few towns, north and south, that support particular water-sports which we might try out; Snorkeling with sea-lions, whale-watching,  kayaking, swimming with salmon at the local hatchery, and sailing.

We spent yesterday though just exploring the town and bedding in.   It all adds up to build the sense of ‘home’.   We are getting better at it each month.  We start by re-arranging the Airbnb the way we’d like it on Day 1, stock the fridge, join the gym.  It doesn’t take long to feel comfortable and relaxed.

The apartment itself is better than we’d hoped.  I’m sitting here writing in our living room with views down onto the ocean and the nearby Quadra Island.  It’s a great place to get some work done, and a base from which to explore the locality.  Mrs K is particularly motivated to progress with a creative project, so I’m going to be quiet and industrious this month to ensure I don’t interrupt her!  One project for me, is to start upgrading / re-structuring this blog, as I’ve found I enjoy this Sunday activity… so lots more to come…


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