Memorable ‘big animal encounters’

Jake is a Humpback whale who is a regular visitor to the Campbell River area.  He’s easily identifiable due to an injured dorsal fin, and loved for his personality;  A ‘chilled out dude’ as described to me.   He is particularly worth a mention for his visits to the nearby islands.  In this area, on rare occasions, the currents increase to an extreme.  In one … Continue reading Memorable ‘big animal encounters’

Tourists are interested in the strangest things..

I’m always amused when tourists in London get so excited about the red post boxes. Frequently you’ll see them gathering around, taking group photos invariably thumbs-up, maybe posting in volume to Instagram #redpostbox. There’s no need to feel smug however as obviously, we do the same type of thing when we are travelling. The locals’ mundane to us seems exciting and interesting. But one event … Continue reading Tourists are interested in the strangest things..

Finding our inner Canadians..

There’s an image in my mind, carried with me for as long as I can remember, of a modest glass fronted house.  Nestled amongst tall pine trees, lightly raised so looking down onto a turquoise lake.  On the other side of this quiet space are snow topped mountains.  A total cliche of Canadian living!  When it turned out that Mrs K also harboured similar dreams … Continue reading Finding our inner Canadians..

Last (galaxy) year the dinosours roamed the earth

Apparently, the Milky Way (our galaxy) spins once every 240million years, and that discovery was made near here, on Vancouver Island, at the Dominion Observatory.  Built in 1918 as a modern marvel, it has nearly always been open every month on a Saturday night to allow the masses a glimpse of the cosmos.   So, given we’ve had clear skies constantly for two weeks, and … Continue reading Last (galaxy) year the dinosours roamed the earth