Istanbul. Paradise enough.

Istanbul, formerly known as Constantinople and before that Bizantium, remains to me, the very epitome of ‘centre of the world’. For centuries a cultural, political and social hub of  global trade and knowledge. It is my all time favourite city. Continue reading Istanbul. Paradise enough.


Last month in South America

Uruguay is a small country, nestled/squeezed between the behemoths of Argentina and Brazil, on the banks the worlds largest river (River Plate). Arguably, it has a low profile globally, so our walking-tour guide shared these fun facts.. 1) 3 million people are living in Uruguay, alongside 14 million cows. Uruguayans are the highest consumers of beef, per capita, in the world. 2) The first football … Continue reading Last month in South America

Patagonia; some (short) hiking

We now enter a new phase of our adventures.  Previously a sedate, hop-scotch across a small section of North America.  Stay a month, feel at home, then move.  Repeat.  That rhythm will start again in early 2018, but for November and December, there are a number of shorter, slightly more adventurous targets.  First was Easter Island.  Now we go south to Patagonia I always associated … Continue reading Patagonia; some (short) hiking