How’s the queen?

Our airport taxi driver’s first engagement with two tired but happy arrivals from the UK was to check-in on our shared Queen.   In my jet-lagged state I all I could manage was that she was remarkably still ‘going strong’ and that her husband, Prince Philip, was looking to slow down in his very late years. And so starts are Canadian adventure. We’re staying in North Vancouver.  An achingly beautiful area, … Continue reading How’s the queen?

Finality of using a coinstar machine

Have you used a Coinstar machine?   They are usually found in a supermarket corner, past the check-out lanes.  It stands about 2m high, politely waiting for you to feed it your coin change and it will thank you with a coupon, to the value of your coins, for which you can exchange your shopping or notes.   For a small charge of course. We took the plunge the … Continue reading Finality of using a coinstar machine