To Seattle via true Canada and US

Another month passes. We said goodbye to Calgary just as the precipitous race from warm summer to freezing winter got under-way.  Honestly, Calgary wasn’t a highlight of the trip, but we had a great time as my parents visited, we took in loads of world-class museums, and enjoyed trips to the Rockies. In the end, though we were glad to leave, particularly as the next … Continue reading To Seattle via true Canada and US

Lake Louise, Bison and Mountains

There is a sacred place, 90mins south of Calgary, that is now a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is sacred to the Blackfoot tribe who relied on it for their survival.  For thousands of years they relied nearly entirely on Bison for their food, clothing and shelter. Before the ‘white man came’, millions of Bison roamed the prairies in expansive herds and ‘life was plentiful’. … Continue reading Lake Louise, Bison and Mountains

Exploring Calgary’s History

Since our very first trip to Canada in July 2013, Mrs K and I have been telling anyone who’d listen our dreams for a return. Finally, we are here; we’ve spent the last four months exploring the west coast and islands, saving our favourite area for when my parents could join us, and they could see what all the fuss is about. Calgary is a … Continue reading Exploring Calgary’s History

Roadtrip from Vancouver to Calgary

The Canadian Rockies lie between the Pacific coast of British Columbia and the interior plains of Alberta.  They’d be visible on clear days from our apartment on Vancouver Island.  Last week was a relaxed ‘road trip’ week when we got to see them up close.  Our aim was 1,200km in a week so we could take our time. First, we had a day back to … Continue reading Roadtrip from Vancouver to Calgary