History and Mystery on Easter Island

“That’s the one with the heads, isn’t it?”; that was the sum total of my Easter Island trivia. Continue reading History and Mystery on Easter Island


Sun setting on Santiago

We’ve had a very relaxing month in Santiago. An unexpected break from the sight-seeing and exploring of the last few months. Both Mrs K and I have spent much of our time studying. The apartment, and its view is a suitable place to be ‘bookish’ for hours on end. Days would speed by, interspersed with refreshments and walks to the beautiful Araucano Park. As our … Continue reading Sun setting on Santiago

The migration south to Santiago

As the winter weather chill arrives in North America, we’ve decided to take the chance to migrate south to Chile for their warmer climes. Before that we had just enough time for a trip to Seattle. We found that Seattle, a centre for coffee and entrepreneurship, bounded by lake Washington and the Elliot Bay, was a buzzing city yet ‘cool’ and relaxed. There were a few … Continue reading The migration south to Santiago