Roadtrip from Vancouver to Calgary

The Canadian Rockies lie between the Pacific coast of British Columbia and the interior plains of Alberta.  They’d be visible on clear days from our apartment on Vancouver Island.  Last week was a relaxed ‘road trip’ week when we got to see them up close.  Our aim was 1,200km in a week so we could take our time. First, we had a day back to … Continue reading Roadtrip from Vancouver to Calgary

The picture used in the CAD5 note

Our last week on Vancouver Island

The next two months promise to be incredible.  Our lovely slow island life transforms into a more rigourous ‘tourist’ rhythm of hot-spots, long-drives, and a city break.   These will be our final months in Canada before we go to South America. This coming Monday morning we leave the Island on the Nanaimo car-ferry back to the mainland.  From there, we have a week to … Continue reading Our last week on Vancouver Island

Clear mountain air

It’s been a tumultuous week globally, with some extraordinary and marked focus in North America. For our ‘little corner’ of British Columbia, the talk has been more on two natural phenomena. The BC wildfires have been very destructive and disruptive for the mainland especially. For our spot on Vancouver Island, the effects have only been a week-long haze due to the smoke drifting in on … Continue reading Clear mountain air

Memorable ‘big animal encounters’

Jake is a Humpback whale who is a regular visitor to the Campbell River area.  He’s easily identifiable due to an injured dorsal fin, and loved for his personality;  A ‘chilled out dude’ as described to me.   He is particularly worth a mention for his visits to the nearby islands.  In this area, on rare occasions, the currents increase to an extreme.  In one … Continue reading Memorable ‘big animal encounters’